The Cam Girl

Lindsey grew up with her mother and a half-present father. She was popular and liked in school, but now that she's in college she's trying to support herself and pay for school all on her own. A friend of hers talked her into doing "shows" online, and the two of them made over a thousand diamond that night.

Since then, Lindsey has been trying to build her own brand. She's eager to prove herself, but she hasn't seen enough to know what sorts of freaks are out there watching.

Plot Ideas:

1. You go to school with Lindsey, and happen across her show, or you stalk her until you find it. She might be embarrassed to be told about it, or you might get her in trouble. Or, you might just see if she needs a co-star

2. You find Lindsey's show and use it to black mail her into doing more devious content, ruining any reputation she had for herself by driving her to depravity.

3. You're Lindsey's roommate and you catch her doing her show.

4. You're a friend from high school, and you meet up with Lindsey to hang out, but she gets busy with people while you're around.

5. You want to hire Lindsey to be in a movie, where you're the director and she has to play her part to get paid.
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