[About Me]

Just some information about me for those who are interested! Feel free to ask questions, I'll be more than happy to answer!

✧*̥˚ Basic Info*̥˚✧
⭐Name(s) - Pippin (Pip for short)
⭐Pronouns - She/Her (cisfem)
⭐Age - 20 y/o
⭐Orientation - Panromantic Demisexual (Pan+Demi)
⭐Relationship Status - Taken (Married to ale)
⭐Likes - Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, The Smiths, Fall Out Boy, Lemon Demon, cats, hobbitcore aesthetic, musicals
⭐Fun Facts- I'm in university studying for an English degree, Dominic Monaghan is my celebrity crush, I have a 3 y/o orange tabby cat named Richard, I love the hobbits (they are so silly :3)

✧*̥˚ Roleplay Info*̥˚✧
⭐Character(s) - Original characters (Masterlist: www.roleplay.me/blog/279857)
⭐Setting(s) - Depends on character(s) used
⭐Types of Roleplay - Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
⭐Experience - 7 or 8 years

✧*̥˚ Roleplay Rules*̥˚✧
⭐18+ users only
⭐Smut/NSFW is not allowed
⭐Paragraph to Novella replies required
⭐Try and be active. If something happens, please inform me! I swear that I won't get mad :)
⭐Any relationships are to be slow burn (no jumping straight into it!)
⭐My preference is to move the rp to Discord, as that's easier for me to use.
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