Haruka Misato

Haruka comes from a traditional household, where she is required to remain on her families grounds to do labor, and 'be a wife.' Not that she's particularly interested in such things. The young individual is in fact, a secret troublemaker, sneaking out, skipping chores, and doing things she's generally, not supposed to be doing.

No matter, her heart of gold is only overcome by her need to stand out from the life her parents attempt to predetermine for her. She often wears traditional Japanese attire, that of a shrine maiden. White robes with a lovely red skirt which scales below the knees.

Haruka is one to attend parties, participate in dangerous acts, and even, take public risks, all in the name of having friends and well, 'being cool.' Below her composed exterior, she's actually a touch shy, and often, is looking for the approval of others. Albeit, her strong upbringing has shown her when to draw the line, and how to be a respectable individual.

5'8 / Fu-ta / 17-19
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