Kingsly Moonflower [Character Bio]

Kingsly Moonflower is a 19 year old elf and the childhood best friend of the wealthy Edar Lightwood (though, Kingsly is not wealthy in the slightest). He's mostly quiet, but can be very soft-spoken with an elegant/educated way of speaking when he feels like he has to talk (though his voice has a small hint of a scratch to it). Usually, his interactions are shakes of his head or waves of his hands, but it's not entirely because he's shy. Mostly, he just doesn't feel like speaking is very important.
He's very attached to Edar, despite the rich elf's self absorbed attitude and backhanded compliments. Kingsly still finds his presence to be comforting, regardless of what insults are thrown at him. He's also fond of Rolden Ironwood, but not out of romantic interest or friendship. Rather, he finds the half-giant/half-elf to be quite impressive and considers him the most well-known swordsman in the town, of which is partially true.

Kingsly is an inch or two under average height with fair skin and a cute, slightly pudgy build (of which he is self conscious over since many elves find that to be imperfect). His hair is of medium length and is half black (left side) and half white (right side), of which he was born with. His eyes are a gentle shade of pale blue and he commonly likes to paint colorful dots on his cheeks simply because of how much he loves colorful things. He quite likes red, yellow, blue, and green, and has a very small collection of sparkly, colorful rocks that he hides. He identifies as panromantic demisexual.
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