Ashalle Kegan

* Name: Ashalle Kegan
* Nickname: Ash
* Last Name: Kegan
* Age: 119 (Looks like a 19 year old)
* Eye Color: Crystal Blue
* Hair Color: White
* Height: 5'4
* Tattoos: No tattoos but some face markings
* Scars: N/A
* Freckles: N/A
* Other: Always had a head piece on as of tradition
* Species: Elf / Druid
* Abilities: N/A
* Powers: N/A
* Weapons : N/A
* Origins: N/A
* Background: Ashalle grew up in a high society of elves. They had been hidden away from most of the world as to keep their blood clean. Education, healing magic, drinking tea, festivals, taking care of the land and repeat. This was the life of a High Elf. Ashalle had always stowaway in the library whenever there was a meeting or festival. She didn't mind holding conversation but she always seemed to be talk down by other elves. There was speculation of Ashalle to be a mixed blood, even though there was no proof. Ashalle's parents and Elders only believed this rumor circulate because of her similarity to another High elf. A distant ancestor that expanded their territory but also disagreed with the tradition ways of the High Elves.
* Personality: High Intelligence, Soft spoken, Calming aura, Kind hearted, Curious, Introvert, Book Worm
* Other: N/A
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