Sybil Lynch

* Name: Sybil
* Nickname Lyn
* Last Name: Lynch
* Age: 22
* Eye Color: Golden
* Hair Color: Purple / Dark Plum
* Height: 5'2
* Tattoos: Collection of tattoos (Picture)
* Scars: N/A
* Freckles: N/A
* Other: Ear / nose pierced
* Species: Witch/Spellcaster
* Abilities: N/A
* Powers: N/A
* Weapons : Wooden Staff
* Origins: N/A
* Background: From the moment Sybil was born, beauty and magic circulated around her. With that said, she was left in the woods only to be found by a coven of witches. Which started her magical journey. She had a gift with magic, being able to use it effortlessly. She perfected her talents over the years but soon branched out, leaving the coven as they were stuck in their traditional ways. Sybil lacked something in her life but didn't know what it was or who it was.
* Personality: Clever, Dark, Kindhearted, Wise, Powerful, Intelligent, Observant, Introvert, Adventurous
* Other: N/A
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