After the experience at Ez's club, he disappeared for a few days. The fact that he disappears without any track, that he has no house and nobody meets him anywhere outside these "official" situations somewhat enforces the convinction of the common folk that he might really be Rex Lapis, after all.

He decided that from now on, he will appear less and in more impressive ways, to cultivate his reputation, at least among those who are ignorant enough to believe him.
That same morning, he appeared catching a thief who was robbing a woman. He promptly returned the property to her and scared the sh*t out of the thief with some.of his alchemical tricks, that are basically mini fireworks that make big noises, light and smoke, but without cool effects.

After that, he somewhat ends up taking part to a fan meeting in the middle of the main square, with a Q&A about Khaenri'ah. Many people got to hear about that from the fliers some unknown source has been spreading in the city and they want answers.
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Tino «All I want from you is to continue to do what you have always been doing. I couldn't ask for more!» If only he could get his hands on Kaeya's and WooPil's offering boxes…
«Peace is the greatest form of balance and expression of honour.» Seriously, no war plz I don't want to risk to be sent to the front!! - he thinks. As if there would be the risk, he'd be permanently a dog then.
«She may not be ready to accept me or my principles. You should not bother about what others don't do, but only focus on your own actions. That's the honourable way to act.» Himself is the first who is judging Red Dawn for not giving him a temple, he could get offerings easily from there!!
Kaeya "Continue what I have always been are right...word of Rex Lapis should continue to spread, all the world has to get to know him. You.
I have to agree with you. The king of Lianxi is a good one, even his me, Lianxi is the best example of balance." He is biased.
"But she is the Queen and you are our new can I let it be. As your adeptus, it is my duty to convert even her." Good luck, Kaeya.
Tino He nods with an encouraging smile. He just hopes that he will never have to go to Lianxi for real, there are too many people who know who he really is, there. Probably even the King, he tried so hard to join his harem!!
«Lianxi is a wonderful kingdom, I heard many good things about it and I am indeed the most pleased about it. I look forward to pay it an official visit indeed.»
He sure won't stop Kaeya from trying. If the queen wants to invite him to live in the palace, who is he to say no! «You will do what your heart tells you, my child.»
Kaeya He is very hyped at the idea. "Can I ask something else? It is a curiosity of mine...are you able to change form as you want?
Did you? I was sure of it, it is such a nice home too.
My heart tells me you deserve all the respect for everything you are doing for us, that we can't even imagine..." He is so touched he sobs.
Tino «I indeed can change my form, but that's a practice I avoid unless it's strictly necessary.» He can't give up on his shibe cover.
«I should really get going, I have indulged in these pleasantries for far too long already…» He looks up at the sky. He smells danger so he is feeling the urge to flee before they try to convince him to change form.
«It is merely my duty, I don't deserve a special recognition for it. Knowing that my loyal people will be safe is all that really rewards me for my efforts.»