E/RP Sakura Miyamoto

Name: Mizuki Tendo

Occupation: Haves her flower shop

Age: 40

Date of birth: August 4th

Height: 171 cm

Breast cup: 36 G

Skin: Peachy (soft and silky)

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black and long, reaches her waist.

Blood type: S

Body type: Hourglass type with a thickness on her legs and lightly chubby


Sakura is a very warm, motherly, and protective being, such a pure and innocent soul. She could easily attach to people and very affection person. Calm and peaceful woman with a positive star, gardening, and cooking was her temple the moment where she could sink in warm thoughts and imagination.

Back story & Plot:

After being married she got cheated on and dumped after the husband knew that she could not give birth causing her to fall into depression and live a lonely life meanwhile her sister could have a perfect family. Sakura then opens a flower shop where she is most of the time to keep her distracted away from her sad life and even stop dating or trying to meet new people.

Tags: Favorite Auntie and Cougar

-Plot #1-

Sakura was coming from getting groceries and gently made her way to the kitchen in her long white dress that fit her so well and made her look gorgeous, leaving her big sun hat to hang next to the door along with her shoes by the door since she was leaving a traditional Japanese house.

"Finally got home on time before the light streets turn on."

She bends down and started to put away the veggies, milk, eggs, and such before starting to cook some good pork ramen before her beloved child arrived home from school probably tired.

Sakura stood up and gently started to chop green onions and other veggies after cutting the pork into slightly thick pork slices and marinated in soy sauce and other spices.
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