RLp beta test.

In the centre of Guiji, a little crowd is gathered around something. There are so many people that's it's hard to figure out what attracted them, without getting close.
But the situation is much weirder than what it could appear, for the people aren't being the audience of a particularly skilled or crazy artist… they are surrounding Rex Lapis!!

The scammers who said they were gathering money to build a palace to Rex Lapis managed to trick quite some people. And now, apparently, "Rex Lapis" took action, punished those evil doers and is currently handing the money back to the people. Well, a part of it. XD
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1 | May 19th 2023 05:53
Whiteroar "Maybe it is so, maybe not...who needs to understand that knowledge." Clearly not a scholar.
"And I'm not hiring. Sorry, I can't afford it, but if you look for an occupation, the store below is searching." He snorts, taking his attitude on the funny side.
"Elaborate..." What he is asking, he is not into that. "What do you think? Each of us our part of we just do it once a week together and help each other?"
It is not that he is a saint, but violent rape is not his thing. He approaches very close, not really in the mood to step back now that his instincts took over. "I have worse flaws." He gets closer and aims to basically lean against him.
Zaiyi «I need to understand that knowledge. I want to understand every form of knowledge in the universe.»
He raises a brow. «The store below is hiring? Is it the kind of business where organised crims recycles their dirty money through?» He got to that conclusion due to the fact it's a classy place in the slums. «I do not think I am qualified to work in a store.» Due to the fact he could cause customers to flee.
«Each one his own side. I am not good at team work.» Now that he paid for three months, he can show Jingyuan all of his red flags. XD
When the other enters his personal space, he lifts up a needle, close to Jingyuan's face, so he can see it well. It's a long needle, of the ones used for acupuncture. «Need I elaborate this further?»
Whiteroar "And are you confident you can? I don't know...feels like a waste of time.
I have no clue. I have seen the prices of clothes and it is way too expensive for me. Never even entered, just from the window.
As you want." He won't really bother to clean much.
"I have seen a lot of weirdos trying to get the job." And in all that he didn't even spot Haitien.
They are two walking red flags anyway. XD
He looks at the needle for some time, that is convincing enough to stay back, even if that instinct is still strong. "I'll go out tonight." His last hope before he starts killing and raping around. XD
Zaiyi «I am confident that I can.» He has his reasons to be confident in his mind and also to be particularly curious about the mysteries of the universe.
«That store does not look like something you would find in this side of the city, so it is weird it was opened there. There certainly is a secondary motive.» He takes his own chin, but he can't think of anything that doesn't involve illegal activities.
Himself would probably be the least weird, but the most unpleasant too.
«Bring the key, I shall not wait for you awake.» He would literally be the type who doesn't raise his ass from the bed even if awake and just leave Jingyuan outside whole night. XD
Whiteroar "Confidence is everything." He is too, in other subjects.
"Maybe you are right, I don't know. I'm only here because it was the cheapest place I found...there wasn't even that store back then.
Always. I'm used living alone." He steps back and scratches his manhood. Clearly a true man. XD