( rules. )

i.ㅤ keeping this short & sweet, because these should all be common sense : i won't tolerate spamming for replies, god-modding, or any attempt to force your character on mine. you'll be deleted / blocked.

ii.ㅤ i welcome banter and random starters, provided you give me enough to work with. however, i'm also more than happy to discuss a plot prior to writing.

iii.ㅤ i write exclusively in third person and tend towards multi-para, but am adaptable to most lengths.

iv.ㅤ i'm selective with crossovers, meaning that if i don't know the verse or don't feel that the crossover is within reason, i'm probably not interested.

v.ㅤ trigger warnings apply for dark / violent themes. romance / mature themes are not a given if i don't see chemistry between our characters ( i reserve the right to say no! ). regardless of the themes involved, i will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18.

vi.ㅤ patience is paramount. for faster communication, i also write on discord, which is available upon request — but this is completely optional.
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8 | Mar 26th 2023 15:58