Roleplay Plots

Here are a couple of roleplay plots I've come up with over the span of quite a while. All concepts will be organized by category and have a symbol associated with the genre. The genres listed are vague, so these plots can be incorporated into many storylines.
+=slice of life
1~) Keep quiet: Characters A and B are in a relationship and have been invited to a party hosted by a mutual friend of theirs, so they kindly oblige. Said friend has lived out of town for months due to attending University, so the two are excited to see them. The party in question is a typical college-kid-esque deal: alcohol, loud music, the works. After characters A and B have a couple of drinks in them, things get heated. Character A decides they are in the mood for some risky business, and give character B hints. Character B notices the clues and agrees, so the two venture off into an empty room to conduct their 'business.' The only issue is that there are people around every corner, so they must remain quiet. Character B is anxious that the two will be caught, but character A reassures them. And so arises the nearly impossible task of keeping their voices down.

2+) I've Got Something to Tell You: Character A is a full-time university student, always working on homework or cramming for upcoming exams. Character B is a full-time manager at a rather popular shop in the small town in which they live. The two are best friends, they've known each other their whole lives. Due to their complicated schedules, the two never get to see one another. Despite this, an opportunity arises: Character A is coming home for the summer, and Character B managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks of vacation time. The two meet up and spend all of their time together, catching up and having fun, but there's a big secret just dying to be told: one of the characters has a crush on the other.

3*) You Didn't Hear Anything: Character A is the owner of a large company, swimming in money and popularity amongst their community. They are charismatic, charming, and very professional. Despite this outward appearance, they're hiding a huge secret. One day, Character A thinks they're alone in their office, chatting on the phone. They're having a very heated conversation with someone about a rather large sum of money, and it seems that it's tied in with a huge criminal organization. Character B overhears this and is taken by surprise. When Character A finds out that Character B was listening to their conversation, they decide it is detrimental that they keep this a secret. Hence character B gets tied up in a huge money laundering scheme, being forced to keep the details to themself.

4~) All Worked Up: Characters A and B have recently gotten married and are spending their honeymoon by going on small, romantic dates. One of these dates happens to be at a relatively nice restaurant in the city they're staying in. The two are chatting away and enjoying their meal when an idea pops up in character A's head. Since they'd just gotten married, the two had been having a lot of intimate time. They'd always been experimental and risque in the bedroom, so why not try something new out? Character A begins to tease Character B in an attempt to get them in the mood. They find it fun and adventurous, and admittedly cute due to the shy nature of character B. After Character B becomes flustered, the two decide to head back to their hotel room and take care of business.
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