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                LEE FELIX'S DIARY.


  Human's are all stupid. I dislike them- I do not understand why they are so fragile. Even when I appear in front of them, eyes hungry with lust to reap them, they smile and welcome I- death- with open arms.

Do they not understand how precious life is? How they should've lived it to the fullest, yet they instead choose to do drugs, jump off cliffs, or fight to death? I do not understand it.

I do not understand love, either. To ask for somebody, even when they have died? Your life is over. Shut up about your wife, and let me rip that pathetic soul out of your chest.

It makes me so mad. So mad- I cannot help but snarl at the thought of these idiots. These- ants.



I don’t understand why I feel pain. Sure, I felt it when I was dying in the car crash, but why now?

It comes in waves- sometimes it’s dull and works it’s way up to a head pounding pain that makes me grit my teeth, and other times it slams into my whole body like that car did.

I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling things- pain especially. I am dead and a Reaper- I shouldn’t feel it.

Sometimes my scars bleed, too. I hate the sight of it- sometimes I just want to rip the wound back open again and pray it fully disappears.

Cigarettes sometimes help. I can’t get addicted, but it has a sort of numbing effect that keeps me from falling in pain.

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