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                         LEE FELIX.

9/15/2000. Virgo.

                ! THE REAPERS VESSEL. !
               [ Natural blonde hair and brown eyes. Multiple scars from
               the accident that killed him. A aura that makes you want
                         to run. ]

               [ A body models yearn to have, and a voice that both
               encaptivates and scares you. A gaze that is daggers,
                 and an attitude that makes him hated. ]

                [A god complex that may even scare god himself.]

                  ! THIS WASNT HIM. !

               [ Before the accident, he was a sweet boy. Gentle,
               and kind. He graduated with a full ride to his dream
               college, yet, driving home one day, he was hit by a
                    drunk driver.]

               [ His parents did everything to try and save him.
              It didn't work, and he was left facing a large skeletal
              figure. He was promised immortality
             and a second chance, so, he took his hand. ]

               [ He now is the Grim Reaper's vessel.
               loosing all memory of who he was, and his family,
               He sees no want in human possesions. He wants to
               eat souls, and get stronger.]

               ! HOW DOES IT WORK? !

               [Being a reaper, he is now immortal until his
               contract ends, which is over 1,000 years later.
               he can be hurt, but not killed. He can be rendered

               [He can be seen in his human form, however those
             he loved before his death do not remember him.
               He doesn't remember them, or his life, either.]

               [ He has a small apartment that is paid for. He does
               not worry for rent, or human jobs. He does not like
               human interaction, he sees it as boring and

               [In his reaper form, he is simply much more
              shadowy. He is not physical, and is only seen by those
              close to death. His goal is to take their soul.]

               [He can use his scythe, traditionally, made of bone,
               or he may touch them to kill them. He cannot kill those
               not close to natural death of the human realm.]

               [He can eat human food, but it does not give him
               substanance. He feasts on souls of those who have
               sinned. This replenishes him. If he does not
                   eat, he gets quite grumpy.]

               [He has no filter. He will cuss you out and spit on you.
               Be wary, as he does not make friends. Approach at
                       your own cost.]

               [He can become loyal, if you capture his heart.
                However he can be obsessive.]

               [Animals hate his presence. He spooks them easily.]

               [Flowers die at his touch, and his hands are cold.]

               [He has ghost pains from the car crash, and will
             bleed. He has picked up smoking as a way to escape the
             anger it brings.]

You poor, damned, soul.
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