The Satyr

Lover of all things hectic and violent, Nohge is a free spirit who has proven to be impossible to tame by the many law enforcers and hunters who came her way. Being a satyr, she dwells in a forest just neighboring civilization.

Aspiring to become a pit fighter, Nohge frequently forces her peers into fights. Being almost six feet tall, it's hard to say no to someone like her- and if you do, prepare to have the brawl of your life.

>> Plot Proposals <<
⛤ Your muse was always the 'weird kid.' Being an outcast, they spent most of their time outside of the city and in the forest- that's when they came across Nohge, who is the same age and also looking for someone to call a friend.
⛤ Your muse is a monster hunter who overpowers Nohge and decides to spare her life for a favor.
⛤ Nohge deems your muse worthy to help her repopulate the satyr race, kidnapping them and taking them to her residence in the woods. (male/intersex only.)
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