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I Think I Like You… (Full);
Muse A is the badass of the school. He likes to boss people around and acts like he own the place. Even the teachers are scared of him, almost everyone is…expect Muse B. One day, their paths collide when Muse A is bullying Muse B’s friend. Muse B stands up for his friend and in the process catches Muse A’s eyes. What Will Muse A do to Make Muse B his? Will Muse B accepts his proposal?

Risks of love;
Muse a is a singer of the world’s biggest bands. He’s charming and sweet and everyone loves him. Especially muse b. In fact, he looks up to him, he sees more then just a charm and his looks, he sees hope. He listens to his bands music and is in love with muse a, tweeting him about how he saved her life and how he means so much to muse b. Muse a can’t help but notice all theses tweets and starts messing muse b, getting to know him inside and out. And muse a realizes that he’s fallen for someone he doesn’t even know. Will their relationship go further then internet friends? Will muse a’s fans be supportive?

Muse A and Muse B were married and had some children, adopted. Well after they were adopted Muse B died. Of course Muse A is heartbroken so he just tries to stay strong for them until they’re about ten years old. Then he can’t hold it in even though it’s been like five years. He has a breakdown in front of them. They ask for stories about Muse B and he tells them about muse B and it transitions into a flashback.

Just Want to Have Fun;
Muse A is young and naïve, always looking for trouble. They finally find it with Muse B, and older and cooler type that he encounters somewhere he has no business being with their fake ID. Muse B is attracted to Muse A on a physical level, but once Muse A’s age reveals itself, Muse B lays down the harsh truth that he is not interested in anything beyond a one night stand and he is definitely not what Muse A needs, and vice versa. Reluctant, to let the opportunity to be with Muse B slip away, Muse A convinces Muse B to take them home.
Lust clouds Muse B’s judgment and they let Muse A spend the night. In the heat of the moment, when the chemistry is so obviously there, Muse B says all the things Muse A wants to hear. Once it’s all over, however, Muse B’s attitude hasn’t changed, but Muse A doesn’t believe it’s a hopeless cause. Much to Muse B’s dismay, Muse A starts coming around to his place, hanging out with his friends or just trying to find little ways push into Muse B’s life in hopes of showing how good they would be together despite their difference in age. Muse B insists that their relationship will never be yet he can’t help sending mixed signals when they continued to fall into bed with Muse A over and over again.

Muse A has been sheltered for most of their upbringing, coddled by loving but overprotective parents well into their teenage years. They’ve yet to experience most of the milestones that their same-age peers take for granted, like attending a school dance or getting their driver’s license. The only time that Muse A isn’t under the watchful eye of their parents is when they’re at school and even then, they’re under strict orders to come straight home once that dismissal bell rings. Muse B hasn’t resided with a parent/guardian since they were legally able to live on their own. They didn’t come from a nurturing environment, not even close, but they’re not looking for a pity party about it. Muse B fends for themselves in this world and they’ve earned a bit of a reputation for snubbing their nose at authority at every opportunity. Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they’re making their way to the bus. Muse A can’t help but stare with envy as Muse B mounts their motorcycle—able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and they offer Muse A a ride. Muse A accepts, hastily snatching up their first little taste of freedom.

Brave in Your Arms;
Muse A lives in an abusive environment. For years, Muse A has keep what goes behind closed doors a secret, for fear of what his abuser might of if anyone find out. One night, when the chaos and the fear become too much to bear alone anymore, Muse A escapes with no plan of returning. He runs straight to Muse B, the only person he could think of, and confesses everything that’s been taking place. Then begs Muse B to let him stay until morning, or at least until he can figure out what to do next. Muse B promises to keep Muse A safe no matter what, and that they’ll figure out what to do in the morning. Relives and grateful for Muse B’s comforting, Muse A spontaneously kisses Muse B on the cheek. Though surprised when Muse B returns it, but on his lips instead.

A Little Surprise
Muse A is annoyed when someone rings his doorbell late at night. When he answer the door, he is even more annoyed to come face-to-face with their ex, Muse B. Muse B, typically smug and rude, looks panicked and makes a plea for his help. Bitter about the sour ending of their relationship by Muse B’s fault, he is poised to slam the door shut in Muse B’s face. Just before he can, a pint-sized kid peers out from behind Muse B’s legs and asks to use the bathroom.
Muse A may loathe Muse B, but they aren’t heartless, so they let the child in and begrudgingly also Muse B.
While the child is in the bathroom, Muse A demands an explanation from his ex. Muse B breaks down and explains that the child is his but he only recently found out. The kid was left at his door by the other parent and he is freaking out because he have no idea how to raise a child, especially not alone. Muse B came to Muse A for help because he have no one else to turn to. Muse A is sympathetic, mainly for the child, and only because of this does Muse A agree to help.

Prince and the wretch
Muse A was a honored Prince/Princess, Muse B, was a poor peasant living on the streets. Muse A had hardly been outside of their castle, so they didn’t know the lives of their subjects. Muse A, one day went into town for their coming of age celebration to become King/Queen. Of course, they were also looking for a Wife/Husband. Walking by, Muse A spots Muse B out of the corner of their eye. Walking over secretly away from their guards they talk to Muse B. They learn more about them, and give them some food, for sympathy. Muse A returns home that night but they couldn’t get Muse B off their mind. During the night, they sneak out and go to see Muse B. What happens next?

Musa A is a hard-working fashion photographer who’s accustomed to taking quality head shots for aspiring models. Muse B contacts Muse A to set up a shoot, supposedly to flesh out their portfolio but in reality, Muse B motive is much more sinister. The photo shot starts out innocently enough in the downtown loft that Muse A rented for work purpose. Muse A take several stunning shots of Muse B who confesses that have he has zero experience and the ambition toward modeling as time passes. Muse A is confuses, but also intrigued when Muse B begins to disrobe, insisting that it might be fun if Muse A take risqué photos of him. Muse A doesn’t usually do that sort of thing as his professional reputation is very important to him, but Muse B is quite persuasive.
Shortly after their session concludes, Muse A and Muse B having fooled around, Muse B unexpectedly left. He resurfaces at a fashion event that Muse A is attending. Displeased to see Muse A w/ a date, Muse B pulls the photographer aside to threaten them, promising to tell his significant other that Muse A manipulated them into taking the risqué photos. Muse A is appalled; he is sure that Muse B doesn’t know about him having a lover and it wasn’t his idea to take those photos to begin with! Unaffected by Muse A’s shock, Muse B demands a romantic affair with Muse B or else he will spill everything and Muse A will have more to worry about than their professional reputation.

Wish You Are Here
Muse A and Muse B have known each other since middle school. They were best friends and secretly crushing on one another all the while. However, when the two began high school, Muse A went one way and Muse B went another. Over the summer of their junior year, they reconnect, and as different as they are on the outside, they still feel the same on the inside. The biggest different is that they are no longer afraid of their feelings for each other. There’s just one problem, and it is that once autumn come Muse A will be moving out of state. Despite the odds stacked against them, the two decide to make a long distance relationship work, for better or for worse. Will the frequently phone conversations and video chat dates are enough to keep their love alive until they can see one another face-to-face again?

Demons and Angels
Hell, a place where no one wants to go, but people still manage to get there.
There was an auction going around for a demon to get an angel “pet.” Usually only three got one, but muse A wanted to be the fourth. Muse B was an angel, captured from heaven and thrown into a cage only to be sold to a lucky demon. To make matters worse for B, he was blindfolded and chained to the cage...and on his knees, his skin getting rubbed raw. Hours go by and muse A bought muse B(it would go on from there)

“You Lost?”
Muse A’s big brother’s hot best friend (Muse B) keeps ‘accidentally’ brushing their hand against Muse A’s and ‘accidentally’ stumbling into Muse A’s room trying to look for the bathroom even though he’s been here a million times. Muse A’s brother goes out to the store leaving the two muses alone- does Muse B finally make a move?

Ship recked
Heading across the Atlantic to join his father, the Governor, the ship Character A is on is attacked by pirates and plundered for all it’s worthy goods - including him. Character B, The Pirate Captain, takes him on board as a valuable bargaining peice he can use the next time he encounters the British Navy. As Character A stays on board, he becomes more and more ingratiated with the crew: especially the Pirate Captain, to the point where he no longer knows if he even wants to return home - though, he may not have a choice, because the ship is too old to withstand an unexpected, violent storm. They are shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, with depleting supplies and no way of alerting anyone of their whereabouts.
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