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Name: Kevin Ogilvie (Nivek Ogre)
Nickname(s): Ogre; /Ocra, Orca, Ogilville/
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 5th (Sagittarius... awkward. :/ )
Age: 26-31; 29+ post-drug-addiction
Relationship: In a relationship with Daniel Johns (Silverchair)
Occupation: Singer/songwriter for Skinny Puppy & other projects; "performance artist" ?? ?
Speech: Low, nasal-y voice; Canadian accent, comes out certain times more than others; vague stutter
Sexuality: Bisexual; Strongly leans toward feminine-presenting people


Shy, calm person all around--has been described as "timid" on multiple occasions. Playful/childish sense of humor, but very serious when he needs to be. Morality is important to him; strong sense of "right" and "wrong," gets caught up in contemplating the line between the two. Expresses his thoughts very outwardly but is reluctant to share his personal feelings; takes a while to truly open up, deeply insecure. Understanding of others and appreciative of the people in his life; can be argumentative when he's down on himself but never holds a grudge. Willing to accept when he's made a mistake, though it's difficult; never loses sight of his affect on other people.

Positive Traits: Friendly, playful, empathetic, good at listening to others, open-minded, caring, understanding, thoughtful, insightful, morally in-tune, level-headed

Negative Traits: Stubborn, moody, reclusive, prone to argument, insecure, scared of change, out of tune with his own emotions at times, puts himself down a lot

Likes: Animals, magic, visual art, poetry, gothic literature, Nintendo, cartoons, any kind of horror (movies, comics, books, etc., either good or sh*t), Joy Division & Syd Barrett; people who make him feel safe, authenticity, care, femininity; SMOKING UP, daNiEL bAbybEaR jOhNs

Dislikes: People who abuse their power, step on others, and/or have a general disregard for basic empathy; egotistical people, being misunderstood/not being listened to, feeling judged
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