i wouldn't hesitate to smile

          - their relationship is nothing short of complicated. don't get regulus wrong he loves and cares about his brother but he would never let sirius know that. he feels like sirius does everything regulus wishes he could. he wishes he could be as carefree. he wants what Sirius has... ( the friends who care about him, happiness, etc ) which ultimately led to regulus pushing sirius away. he was replaced. why would he stay? he hates that no matter how much he isn't there for him- sirius is always there for him.

JAMES POTTER ; @quidditch
          - regulus feeling towards james are difficult. at first, he wanted to hate james for the simple fact he was friends with sirius. he sort of felt like james was his replacement. however the more james pestered him and was around him- regulus began to feel different- began to like him. despite himself he started being nice to james and soon realized it may have been a mistake. but despite his many attempts to push james away, he stayed. regulus was honestly thankful for that because even when he seems annoyed by james presence he truly is just enjoying the simple fact he's there.

LILY EVANS ; @thrill
          - description tba

          - description tba

EVAN ROSIER ; @sparks
          - description tba

          - description tba

LYRA BLACK ; @screaming
          - description tba

ROSEMARY MUNSON ; @tachycardia
          - description tba

( I'll finish putting everyone in here later )
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