while you suffocate and die


➸ he has a faint french accent. it becomes very prominent when he's angry.

➸ this kinda goes with the last one but he speaks french when he's angry

➸ he finds comfort in the water or the night sky

➸ he'll compliment people in french so they'll just assume it's an insult

➸ he loves art and old literature from the muggle world

➸ if he can't get something out of his head he paints it

➸ his love language is physical touch but avoids it at all costs ( fight me on this one )

➸ he scrunches his nose ( pry it out of my cold dead hands. )

➸ he loves wearing jewelry ( specifically silver )

➸ he enjoys classical music

➸ walburga forced him to learn the piano at a young age but now he enjoys playing it on his own

➸ great at masking his feelings

➸ avid tea lover ( his favorite is earl grey bc i say so )

➸ finds the marauders pranks funny but would never tell them that

➸ more tba
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