(bros anthem)

His skin was like porcelain- visible even from the back of the club. Eyes seemed to float straight to him; drinking him in as he smiled.

My eyes never left him. His smile, his raven hair- I drank him up like an addicting nectar. He seemed to notice me- his eyes drifting over to mine with a gleam that only made me want him more.

He stopped talking to the other person from across the club, waving gently as he made his way over to me. People tried to speak to him, to gain his attention- yet his eyes were on me.

“I saw you staring.” His voice was like honey, my eyes blinking twice in awe. “Have I got you in that much shock?” He continued.

With a gulp, I chose my words very carefully. I wished not to scare him off, although perhaps I was the one who was about to run off.

“You’re beautiful.” I simply croaked out, the male clearly appeased by such a statement. He smiled , and I swore I saw the sun.

“I think you’re much more pretty.” He simply replies. “My name is Hoseok, but you can call me yours?” He got quite close, and I could smell his aroma- it was rose.

“Yours.” I repeated, in a daze. It was like he was hypnotizing me- I only wanted him.

“You’re not going to buy me a drink?” He chuckled, and I instantly waved my hand and asked for two shots. He seemed amused.

I gave my name, and in return, he spoke it. It felt like heaven, having him say it. It made me excited, and he seemed to know that.

“What are your plans, for after this?” He suddenly spoke, taking hold of the drink I bought him with fingers that looked like porcelain.

“Unsure.” I simply replied, yet I yearned to take him home with me. He knew that.

“What if I came home with you?” He purrs out, and my heart skips a beat. /Please./

My expression seemed to be all that was needed. He leaned forward, leaving a gentle kiss on my cheek- the spot warm with lust for him. He knew what he was doing.


It didn’t take long for us to travel back to my place. He wasted no time, his hands that were soft as plush dragging me to my room, where he sat me down and blessed me with the night of my life.

It was pleasure- all of it. I’m sure I said his name, maybe once or twice. He said mine, as well, and that only made me want more of him. I wanted to engulf him more, and he certainly did not seem to mind.

It lasted long, and I will not forget it. I will not forget the feeling of his nails digging into me, drawing blood- just for him. I will not forget the climax that sent me shaking, and how I cleaned his lust drunk figure afterwards.

We slept. He did not latch onto me like I wanted- his body was turned away from me. I could not see him sleep- it worried me. Was this all?

In the morning, I awoke to his rustling. I was naïve to believe we would have more- maybe even a second go.

His eyes met mine, and I was shocked to see the glance they gave me. It looked like he saw through me- there was none of the exciting lust from last night.

It was boredom.

“Let me make you breakfast.” I tried in an attempt to win him over, but he just put his shirt back on.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I felt my heart break, and i’m sure he heard it too. I could tell he did- there was a twitch in his eye.

“You were great,” He offers, stretching with a yawn. “However, I don’t think you’re what I’m looking for.” another shatter.


“It won’t work.” He dully replies, and that was it.

I now remember the gazes of people at the bar when he was talking to me. It was not of jealousy- not of anger.

It was of pity. Did they know? Did they get their hearts broken, too?

I still think of him. His drunken rose scent, the way his lips seemed perfect and plump. I still hear him say my name- I still feel him. Whenever I see him in that bar, It only gets stronger.

I’ve joined those gazes of pity.

He takes what is most valuable with ease. He ruins you and leaves you whining for him to come back. Do not give in. Do not let your gaze wander to him and get captured. He’ll eat you whole.
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