Character Profile: Scarlett Turner (POTC OC)

Name: Scarlett Isobel Turner
Age: 44 (post Dead Men Tell No Tales), 24 (physically)
Curse: Vampirism
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow (Vampire), Green (Human)
Abilities: Super Human Strength, Speed, Regenerative healing.
Known Weaknesses: The Sun, Oak Wood
Ship Name: The Night-Caller
Notable Family Members: Bill Turner (Father), Will Turner (Half-Brother), Elizabeth Turner (Sister-in-Law), Henry Turner (Nephew)


Scarlett Isobel Turner was born on the island of Tortuga in the year 1712 to Bootstrap Bill Turner and a night worker named Isabella Johnson. Rarely seeing her Father during her upbringing this led to resentment of him later, especially when her Mother passed away due to a fatal unidentified disease leaving her to fend for herself at the tender age of 10 years old.

She would remain on Tortuga scavenging and stealing things where she could until the age of 16 when she stumbled upon a ship in the harbor the likes of which she'd not seen before. It was black with grey sails. A black flag flew high in the sky. Though this flag was no mere flag of a Pirate. Behind the skull and crossbones was a crescent moon that had been woven into the flag.

Sneaking onto the ship in an attempt to steal any valuables she was caught by the ships Quartermaster and brought directly to the reclusive Captain that hid away in the Cabin. And so instead of killing or kicking her off the ship the Captain, a strange pale and hearty man with the oddest colored eyes decided to keep her around due to her clever nature and skills that she'd seemingly squired in her years of thievery and survival on the rough streets of Tortuga.

She came to know the ship as The Night-Caller. A ship that became home, and the Captain, who she came to know as James, became the Father figure she'd never really had.

During her years of service as the Captain's assistant she eventually came to know everything about him. Including why he stayed hidden away most of the time, especially during the daylight hours. She came to know that he was afflicted with what was known as Vampirism. A rare and very hated curse, yet also a very powerful one. James had lived for hundreds of years and told her of his many exploits and run ins throughout the years.

Then one day the time came. The day arrived in which James desired to live no longer. So he asked the one person aboard the ship which he truly trusted to end his life, and in doing so he would grant her immortality so that she may take over the Night-Caller. And after some convincing Scarlett reluctantly accepted, becoming the new Vampiric Captain of the Night-Caller and ending Captain James' life just as he'd wished.

And so with the Night-Caller now firmly under her control she set off towards a goal she'd given up on a long time ago... to find her Father... and make him pay for the years she suffered as a child.
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