People assume being a child of Aphrodite is wonderful.

I mean, the goddess of beauty, love, and so much more! Who wouldn’t be ecstatic?


Hoseok huffed as he told himself that same thing over and over, raven black hair falling in front of his eyes as he flicked a pencil with dainty fingers over and over.

His phone buzzed, causing chocolate brown eyes to dart over and read the text message, boredom itching his expression as he read it.

[ So- are we still up for tonight? ;) ]

F***s sake. Hoseok didn’t reply to his most recent boy toy- some random guy at a bar he met and f***ed once. That’s all it was, yet the man stayed attached to him like some stupid puppy.

It was always like this. Find somebody, get f***ed or f*** them, and ditch. Maybe get given a gift if he wanted one. That’s all it was.

His mother was Aphrodite- and although he was given a figure chiseled from stone, lips plump enough to draw anything in, and a sex drive worse than a crackhead, he felt so empty.

It’s not like she checked up on him often. He’d only spoken to a blonde figure claiming to be Aphrodite in human form, only briefly. It was all “look at what I made!” and “This is my child!”. No help with who he was.

He didn’t know his dad, either. His mom claimed after they had him, he had to flee as many were enraged he was able to knock up the god. Way to go, dad.

Another text. He didn’t bother reading this time, instead putting down the pencil that had attempted to write some sort of essay but ended with “the.”

He got up, stretched with a yawn, and glanced around his dorm room. It was messy, but the kind of messy most people would call attractive. Clothes on the floor, tons of posters, plants- other peoples clothes- you name it.

He shook his head, going to grab his keys. If anything helped him clear his mind, it was running. He didn’t know if he was more than this, but perhaps one day he’d figure that out.

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