Ekiss (WIP)

(Plot below, doesn't have to be used)

Despite Ekiss being a young dragon, she is still quite dangerous and violent. Her dragon form towers even churches and her unpredictable anger only makes her a fierce foe.
So, of course, her egg gets stolen. It's an unfertilised egg, but still an egg. She''s pissed, furious and terrorises a few farmers with burning their crops. Your character is the unfortunate soul that is a part of a guild, not as an adventurer or a paladin... Just a caretaker for the guild. The guild leader was the one that had stole the egg from Ekiss and gave your character the task of looking after it, making sure it didn't get smashed or anything... as the leader believed it was a fertilised egg and would hatch a dragon to sell.

Once again, unfortunate to them, Ekiss is able to track down her egg by scent and well... Just general mother intuition. What does the dragonkin do after bursting through the door, seeing her precious egg carried tenderly by your character? She kidnaps your character, an 'eye for an eye'...

Little did your character know, they would turn into the dragon's mate..

::The Basics::

Name: Ekiss
Nicknames: N/A (Make your own!)
Age: 38 years old (Young for a dragonkin, basically early 20s)
Gender: Female... Usually (Can be changed)
Sexuality: Homoflexible (Prefers females but can change)


Height: 6'4"
Bodytype: Muscular and defined, but still keeps a feminine figure
Hair Colour: Crimson red
Eye Colour: Lime green
Piercings: N/A
Tattoos: N/A

::About them::

Positive traits: TBA
Negative traits: TBA
Personality: TBA
Likes: TBA
Dislikes: TBA
Voice: Usually aggressive-sounding and loud, but can be soft when calm


Position: Switch, dom lean
Turn-ons: TBA
Turn-offs: Bodily fluids, feet, knifeplay, gunplay, bloodplay
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