Crime Roleplay Ideas (Involves Kishibe or an OC)

1.) A member of an organized crime group decides to try to get out once and for all. It could be a woman in his life or just him started to realize he's been throwing his life away. The bosses aren't too fond of the idea, he tries to get away with the woman but things go wrong and he loses her during an attempt on his life. He leaves the city for a good few years tries to start a new life but something draws him back, the loss of the one person he loved the most and hatred towards the people that took her from him drive him back to the city. He could find out his lover's murder was put aside as an accident and can't come to terms with that idea.

Perhaps during a little bit of his digging he comes across a female private investigator or detective who's also been on the organization's case and also isn't convinced that the death was an accident. The two decide to work together for their own reasons and try to take on the crime syndicate together. During their time and work together perhaps the broken man can start to feel a bit for the woman working alongside him, it could just be a simple bond between partners first but it could end up blooming into much more as he starts to come to terms with the biggest loss of his life along with his troubled past.

2.) An older, experienced, and tired detective is growing sick of his occupation. Crimes seem to be getting more gruesome as he starts to feel some contempt towards the younger generations as well as this haunting idea that he's sort of been left behind in the past. He could also start to see how blatant and clear the corruption is when it comes to his police precinct. As he starts to consider calling it quits he has a falling out with his spouse (If he had one, he could also be a Widower) which ends up pushing him to resign only to be pushed on one last case. This case ends up being bigger than he and anyone else at the station expected and could even lead to the exposure of a few of the higher-ups. During his investigations he could come across a journalist who may resent him or not take too kindly to him due to his occupation. She could be investigating the corruption in the police and could consider him part of that dirty group. The two later on end up forming an unlikely partnership as they looked to take down some of the corrupt officials along with the criminal organization that has them in their pocket.

3.) My final idea is a bit different from the other two. It revolves around two contract killers sent out on a job. It should be a simple hit with no big issues, and no real reason for two hired guns. Either way the two are sent on their way and end up staking out their target staying at a hotel near by and keeping an eye on their moves. As this is going on their personalities and different methods start to clash with one of them being more of a 'professional' criminal while the other is a bit more of a loose canon or any of those sorts of contrasting dynamics. Things could end up going south as a result of their bickering and they could end up botching the hit. That causes a chain reaction where the two end up being targeted by their own employers along with their intended target's crew.

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