Chainsaw Man Roleplay Ideas (Expect more)

1.) The Private Devil Hunter: While out on a routine job trying to take down an extremely powerful Devil things take a surprising turn when a mysterious person takes down his target before he does. What was supposed to be a routine job turns into him trying to track down the person who took the Devil down. He could report them for killing the creature without authorization but he'd much rather find out about the person who was strong and skilled enough to take such a beast down with ease.

2.) Partners: With the recent loss of another partner, working an occupation where most people die young was starting to weigh heavily on the older man. Drinking more than usual and acting a bit more careless while on the job, the experienced Devil Hunter gets assigned a much younger rookie devil hunter to work alongside of. He has to show them the ropes but also watch out for them feeling they could become easy prey if they make the same mistakes his partners made. The clashing views on their occupation along with different light experiences could cause some friction between the two but he just can't stand losing another partner.

3) Clean Hit: A Devil Hunter should only be going after Devils? That's a simple way to sum up the job description. Things however take a different turn when someone's been going around using an illegal contract to take out a Devil Hunter or two. The aggressor should have been taken in alive, but the classified nature of the operation and knowledge the 'target' has requires them to be taken out. For someone as battle-hardened and worn as Kishibe taking out this target should be like taking out a devil, at the very least that's what the higher-ups think.

4) Devil Tamer (Extremely NSFW): After capturing and extremely powerful and or troublesome devil/fiend (can work with Asa/Yoru, Fami, Power, Reze, or any demon/devil OC), Kishibe is given full custody of the supernatural entity. Depending on the threat level he is given the option of keeping them in a lock-up facility or he gets to keep them at home. He keeps them collared and sometimes even leashed for his own safety and twisted pleasure. Sometimes serving as his only companion he tells them of his many stories, goes on drunk tirades or even pushes to their limits testing their physical abilities and strength knowing at the very end that they're no match for him. His end goal is full submission and loyalty from his subject. (Depending on your interests and where exactly you'd like to take this rp, I don't mind throwing in some breeding or much darker subjects into this particular play.)
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