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⠀⠀lillian gianni maries was born on the 13th of november, 2003 in milan, italy. her south korean mother met her italian father in italy on holiday in 1997. they fell in love, and her mother decided to move in the same year.
⠀⠀lily grew up in the middle-upper class when her family moved to the states in 2006 when she was just three years old. her father had a job opportunity there. spending her whole life on the west coast, she enrolled in med school to please her parents with a somehow successful career opportunity. she was always a smart child and studying wasn't a problem for her.
⠀⠀though, she soon realized that med school might not be a thing for her. lily is still a med student, though studying is no longer her first priority. she got into cars about two years ago when she was seventeen. a friend of hers was into street racing, and she found her passion in cars too.
⠀⠀she had a driving license since she was fifteen and her old car was soon replaced by a toyota supra mk4. it wasn't in the best condition so lily spent almost a year trying to get it together by herself. which worked in the end and she learned a sh*t ton of things about cars and repairing them.

⠀⠀lily is choleric. often short-tempered, impulsive, and constant in her opinions. whatever she sets her mind to, she gets. no matter what. she's not afraid to say what she thinks and often talks before she thinks. without regrets. any energy you put out, she'll give right back.
⠀⠀however, she is still a pretty good friend. protective, dependable, and loyal. a true ride or die.
⠀⠀love means nothing to her. sure, she had some of those childhood loves, but the older she got, the more she avoided those feelings. now she doesn't care at all. maybe someone will come and sweep her off her feet, but that's unlikely. she's in love with the thrill and staying in one spot with one person can get really boring really quickly.

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