About me!

Hiya! I know I have no name listed on my profile, but just feel free to call me Min!

General about:

Age: 21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: complicated... I'm nonbinary! This means I don't feel comfortable being called either male or female, and I can be more masc or fem depending on just how I'm feeling that day. I reject gender norms basically. I can tell you my assigned gender if that makes you more comfortable for a pairing, but do not force me or be creepy about it, please.
Pronouns: They/Them please

Job: Game dev (do not recommend it)
Hobbies: Video games, snacking, playing with my 4 cats, reading, coding, modding, sleeping (I love sleep), other... stuff

Photo: Absolutely not!


1. "are you single?" Yes, but I'm not gonna date you

2. "where do you live/what's your timezone?" I don't actually live in Vermont. My timezone is PST... regrettably I live in California (it sucks)

3. "What's in your pants?" A knife

4. "Can we be friends/add on discord or other social?" Sure! But I do reserve the right to not give my discord out if I don't feel comfortable! Ask me in dm's for my discord :)
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