Avery McKillan


Name: Avery McKillan
Nickname: Avery
Gender: female
Race: Caucasian, Irish decent
Nationality: American
Age: 23
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Current town: usually somewhere in the south

Height: 5’5
Weight: 120
Hair: brunette
Skin: neither pale or tan, but for get tan in the winter
Eyes: green/hazel
Clothing: Cozy clothes at home such as sports bras, sweats, tshirts, sweatshirts. If out at school or her job, usually jeans and nicer shirts, going out- dresses or skirts.

Temperament: level headed most of the time unless she’s helmet

Religious beliefs: raised laid back baptist, but now busy short or believes in God. Not 100% sure

Political stance: leans more democrat, but likes to stay out of it.

Hobbies: cooking or baking, reading,

Habits: coming

Likes: cold weather, snow, cooking, fires

Dislikes: Liars, cheaters

Fears: dying alone, dying

Strengths: practically has a photographic memory, good people skills


Short term goals: Get her masters, find a job

Long term goals: family and travel

Occupation: depending on the roleplay, she can either be finishing her masters and working part time as a bartender. If graduated, she is working as professor at a college teaching history

Father: Patrick McKillan - deceased
Mother: Molly McKillian - deceased
Brother: Patrick McKillan, Jr. - 36
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