. Rules .

My rules will be simple.

I do not wish to be forced in things I do not wish to partake in. Any forcing from your end will result in a block.

If you display any sort of racism, homophobia, xenophobia or any kind of discrimination, I will rightfully remove you and signal you. You have no right displaying those kind of opinions onine. You are just polluting the space of thousands of people.

In terms of roleplay, I only roleplay in third person. I am okay with you rpying with first person, just don't coax me/force me to copy you. This isn't how I work.

In terms of length, I tolerate AT LEAST a paragraph. If you are only able to do something "one liner" or borderline, no offense, but don't add me. I privilege para/mult-para and novella. I like description and to know where I am going .

No text talk, abreviations etc. I am not " crazy" enough to go at your throat for spelling mistakes though, don't worry !

Last thing and the most important for me, if you are in need to talk, come to me. I can always offer a minute to listen. Better talk than bottle up your feelings. I will try my best to reply. Same with rp, if you need to talk about it, modify or anything, speak to me ! I can listen !

Well, this is all, thank you for reading, hope to see you in my contacts.
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7 | Jan 25th 2023 08:25