Plot Ideas I Like

Plot 1:

I have been offered many ways to be reformed, Juvi hasn’t done anything to help change my criminal ways and my mother is desperate at this point, when she tells the Judge about her neighbor who served in the military offered to help reform her daughter the judge calls you to the stand, you tell her about the many years of service you’ve served and even show her your badges, the Judge now impressed with your outstanding duty thanks you for your service and sentences me to training under your guidance, something I would indeed be ready to break free of.

Plot 2:

So bright yet so young and dumb, I believed that what me and my friends were doing for the BLM movement was the right thing to do but when we began tagging a Trump supporters house we awake you, you immediately come out with your gun in hand and confront us, I unluckily was still on the ladder when all my friends ran away, now looking down at you as you await me to come down, I knew I was in a lot of trouble I just didn’t know that trouble would be you and not the rightful authorities.

Plot 3:

Your daughter has been a bully to me for as long as I can remember so I finally decided to hit her where it hurts, so I thought that is, I had followed her home and memorized her path home, then waited for her to leave so I could talk to her parent guardian I knew this was snitching but if it meant she’d leave me alone I didn’t care, when you answered the door I introduced myself and finally came out and told you about your daughters harassment, I expected you to be shocked or upset but you seemed amused as you then began bullying me as well but you were worse, you were taller, older, and stronger as you grabbed me and pulled me inside your house knowing you could have some fun with me.

Plot 4:

The news seemed to get worse and worse with the police brutality as my parents warned me to be careful on my way to and from school, I didn’t think much of it until I noticed I was being followed one day by you a police officer, you made me nervous as I began running home only leading to you having probable cause to pull me over, only this wouldn’t be a routine stop and the usual questioning, you were known to abuse your power and you knew from the jump that you wanted to use that power on me.

Plot 5:

I never liked my sisters boyfriend much, you were always weird around me, giving me long soft hugs, the occasional kiss on the lips whenever my sister wasn’t watching until tonight when my sister fell asleep on you during a movie, you had decided to come to my room to say hi as you closed and locked it behind you, you weren’t planning on leaving my room until you got what you came for.

Plot 6:

My best friends dad was always so sweet to me, always offering me a ride to and from school, offering me a place to go if things at my house was ever too rough and especially letting me come over for dinner occasionally, but it wasn’t until I came over to find your daughter that you urged me to come inside so I could take a load off and relax, me and your daughter had a project to do and I hadn’t been able to get ahold of her as I sat in your living room with you while I waited, we were talking and I hadn’t even noticed that you were flirting with me with all the questions and compliments you were giving me and all the touching you were doing to me, before I knew it you had me right where you wanted me as I found my desires belonging to you after that brief conversation.

Plot 7:

After being hired as a baby sitter I’m extremely excited to get paid to do something I’ve been doing for my younger siblings for years, but when I make it to your house I see that you and your significant other are constantly at each others throats whenever you both get ready to leave the house, but I also slowly start to notice how affectionate you’re being with me as I start to get nervous seeing as I have a boyfriend and you’re married but you don’t seem to care even a little as you keep coming onto me getting real flirty and touchy as you go for what you want and what you believe you need as you find me extremely attractive with how I take care of your kids better than your spouse.

Plot 8:

I have been giving back by helping at a soup kitchen needing to do community service for my school so I can graduate in 2 years, the homeless would sometimes be horrid and rude to us but some would be rather polite and pleasant like you, when I first met you we hit it off, you’d talk to me and tell me all about how days were different when you were younger and how much you appreciate my assistance in helping feed you and the rest of the homeless, you’d always compliment me as well, I never saw it as flirting until my classmates would constantly tease me at school about it, it wasn’t until I was throwing the garbage out one afternoon that I ran into you outside, you had grown tired of all the flirting and wanted to show me how you really felt about me, if I didn’t know I knew now as I froze and didn’t know what to say to you as you approached me smelling and smelling of booze.
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