rules + stuff to read lol

not too strict, but heres just basic rules !

- i wont rp smut with ppl under 18, just bleh no.... idm writing with anyone younger, just smut + sexual stuff is just gross

- im usually busy with school so please keep that in mind if I don't respond right away!

- i prefer longer responses, if you cant muster past a few paragraphs i don't think we'll be the best partners

- i suffer from anorexia, so some of my oc's might have ed's as well. let me know if that'll be a problem and i'll adjust for your needs

- i roleplay basically everything from irl, oc's, and fandoms

- im a trans man + queer and muslim, pretty diverse yeah? This also means that bigotry of all types aren't accepted here

- i have discord too, so if you prefer that let me know and I'll give it!

if you could heart this blog to let me know if you read it, that'll be great !!
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5 | Jan 24th 2023 21:18