Full Name: Liliya Rose
Nickname: Lili
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 26th
Species/Race: Bunny
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5'6"
Skin color: Porcelain
Hair style: Long Straight
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Honeymoon Yellow
Accessories: She likes to wear collars with either a heart, bow or rose on it. She sometimes wears earrings as well.

She is very friendly and sweet but only the right kind of people will get the sweet. She likes attaching to one person and one person only though that doesn't mean she won't agree to be around anyone else. She is stubborn at times and likes to tease if she knows she can get her way out of it. Sometimes she can be compared to that of a cat as she may occasionally pick when she wants love or not. Most of the time she can get quite cuddly and affectionate as well.

=She loves teasing whenever she can
=Her tail and ears are extremely sensitive
=She has a stuffed animal cat that she hides from others but she loves cuddling
=Her favorite color is Pink though light blue is a close second
=She is very much like a bunny and has an extremely high s** drive
=She loves kids
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