welcome to my blog and my profile.

let me start out with this: if you are a minor, if you do not write at least two paragraphs, if you are not literate (unless you’re not a native speaker), if you are into anything that society would deem inappropriate (you know what I’m talking about), if you are into anime or furries, please don’t add. We will not have a storyline together.

Now! Hi! I am a really nice person. I just want to sort out those who are here for unsavory reasons.

So, about me.

•third person multi paragraph and novella writer

The regular rules will apply here as most people have them.
No God modeling
mxf plots (I have never done anything else, but I would be willing if the situation was really worth the storyline)

Other blog post will be updated with characters. I will have multiple both male and female characters. They will also have some genres I can play and enjoy.

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