* blaze's kinks || 18+ || DARK THEMES AHEAD

if you've read the title and still clicked, then youre well aware that this list will consist of some dark/taboo topics. i do ask that you keep in mind that i am an SA victim and i dont take anyone's triggers/trauma lightly, so nothing contained in this list is at all required by any means, they are merely suggestions.

now, with that out of the way, here's a list of mine and blaze's kinks :

- noncon
- somnophilia
- pet play
- s&m
- blood play
- ear play
- pet names
- shock collars
- biting + scratching
- teasing + grinding
- binding
- kidnapping
- praise
- affection + aftercare
- kissing + oral fixation
- face sitting
- breeding

my only limits/triggers are that i don't do proshipping ( p*dophilia, inc*st, etc ) and eyeball gore specifically. if you're unsure about something, just ask, i wont bite. ♡

also blaze is 90% submissive, so she won't take on a dominant role unless it's something her partner wants, do keep that in mind.

( will update as i see fit )
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