He leaves in hurry and goes to check on the seal. He is certain it was broken and his enemy was released, just that he can't wait for Qixing and adepti to come all the way.
He is ready to fight himself, should it be needed.
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1 | Jan 24th 2023 17:18
MORAX "Another lost kid. I should inform Venti about him, we shouldn't let them be by themselves or..." He shuts his eyes, thinking about Raiden's son.
Luckily for them, he is all focused on Ajax now. XD
"As you wish. He might need you to return to his homeland, due to the protections. You could cross them.
I see. Here we have visions to identify their elements, maybe if I granted Xiao one, we could figure out.
Indeed. Starting anew is not a bad thing...from now on, things are going to change in better for him. If he likes, he can stay by my side too."
Windhope «It's the best, not leaving them to their total freedom. Although I doubt that the Almighty Ones would let their children wreck havoc in another universe.» They aren't like Raiden.
«My… method of traveling can't be transferred or shared. He'd have to learn it and I'm not sure it would be possible for someone so young and defenceless… is rather him be here than take the risk.»
He nods at his words. «Your method might work.»

Xiao. «I want to be by your side forever, master! I don't want to go back!»
MORAX "Certainly they wouldn't, who would, with some common sense. We have been neutral to each other so far, such an act could cause a war between our worlds.
I see. I still have to find a way out for them then...if we dropped defenses for some time, they would have their chance to leave."
He looks at Xiao, slightly nodding. "So be it, since it is what you want...don't call me your master, though. You are not a subject to me nor anyone else."
Windhope «It is something the Gods of Dolash would never want.» Maybe Mijhatev, though…
«I don't believe it is a bad thing if they are left in this world for some time. They need to experience more than what is available to them in our world. The Wilderness leaves few survivors.»

Xiao. «But you said… that you are my master…!» It's worse than being friendzoned for him.
MORAX "I myself don't seek for war. I can't speak for other Archons, I haven't been in touch with them for several centuries, except from the Lord of Anemo.
I agree. This can prove to be a good experience to them. It might teach Chan some more responsability, seeing the gravity of what he caused. He should have realized, he endangered even his dearest friend." He crosses his arms.
"I was, but I left my role as Archon. can follow me if you wish to, but rather as a companion and friend than a subject. Doesn't it sound more appealing?"