* blaze's roleplay rules

hey besties ♡
right here's just a list of rules and things to expect n stuffs

1. minors do NOT add or interact. there will be no exceptions to this as my page will contain adult content i dont wanna expose to you kiddos.

2. NO IRL OR CELEBRITY PICS. they make me v uncozy fr fr

3. please dont approach me in character i will literally not respond if you do

4. also please PLEASE try to be somewhat literate of a writer. im not normally one to preach about perfect grammar ( especially since i usually type in all lowercase ) but if i cant understand what you're saying i am simply not gonna be able to write with ya buddy.

5. on the topic of writing, i like to consider myself a pretty detailed writer,, i really don't ask for a whole lot, but i generally don't accept oneliners or anything that isn't written in the third person, sorry </3

6. i've rped on this website before and had several experiences where people messaged me asking me to portray a different character- don't do that. blaze is the character i have chosen and will be writing for. if you're wanting something else, i am not the one.

7. i am not going to be active all of the time, so if that's going to be an issue i understand. that doesn't warrant you getting on my ass about it however. i have a life outside of this place. ( though the best way to contact me is through my discord, if we become good enough friends i'll consider adding you there ♡ )

8. as most of my potential roleplays will be touching some pretty intense topics- please discuss triggers with me ! i would feel absolutely terrible if i accidentally hurt someone </3

9. proshippers = blocked. period.

10. i am autistic and cant read tone very well through text so i'd really appreciate it if you used tone indicators when speaking to me ooc ♡

11. i do sfw rps as well as nsfw rps, so just let me know which one it is youre down for

( cant think of anything else to add rn- will update as i see fit )
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1 | Jan 22nd 2023 04:51