Land of Contracts.

Finally they make it to Liyue. Zhongli is extremely thoughtful and troubled about both Xiaos, for a reason or another, he wants to uncover the mystery behind Xiao from Nortrig, while easing Xiao from Teyvat's burden. He still has a long way before then, though.
He takes a deep breath once they cross the bridge, feeling relieved to be home. Lantern RIte festival in the air makes it even better. "It seems we reached our final destination. Come find me, should you need anything." Except mora. "Wanshang Funeral Parlor, Zhongli." Quick reminder to be sure. "Are you in need for a place?"
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Chan «That's a strange power, but definitely useful. Can you do other things beside shields?»

Xiao. «Two beings suffering from the same burden instead of one doesn't feel like a gain.»
He shuts his eyes for a moment at his next words. «It was… a moment of weakness.» His legs are still sore and covered in bruises from how he was carried.

«Don't worry, "Little Li", I'm not going to touch any of your "daughters".» He looks up. «Also, if you want people to buy you are 17, you should put some effort.»
MORAX "Is it strange? It is rather common, especially in Liyue. A team needs shielders, like it needs strong fighters, healers, supports. I know a few tricks myself, yes, it is not only shields.
Unless said burden was shared with more than one deserving a punishment and being forced into
I don't blame you for it. I have to take care of you, even if Liyue is not directly in my hands anymore.
It is a relief." He is certainly grandpa of many already anyway. "Your efforts are not enough to hide your secrets anyway."
Chan «I have never been in a very organised team. We usually just went as we were, with our low hopes to achieve anything and mostly either failed or made a massacre because the enemies were too weak.»

Xiao. «They would be too weak and succumb to the darkness… it would have to be someone you wouldn't feel sorry to see die by my hand.»
He is starting to get confused. «You… have to take care of me?» He looks around as to make sure he wasn't telling Chan.

«A relief? Then why do you lie about your age? You could just say the truth and not risk to sound weird.»
MORAX "Is that so? As long as things work for must all be extremely damaging if you don't struggle as a team without supports of any kind.
A criminal worth that punishment would not cause me any suffering.
Shouldn't I? Do you...mind the idea?" From Archon to dad.
"Relief is about you not trying anything with them...I didn't put enough effort, but you did, and it didn't help either."
Chan «Not that I've fought in team so many times. I prefer to be by myself anyway. Fight for who and what I want, the way I want.»

Xiao. «It's up to you. I will accept your decision and carry out my duties till my last breath.»
He shrugs. »I won't mind, as long as they won't become a bigger threat than what I can face.»

«I am not even sure what we are talking about anymore. I'm off to the city to get my little brother.»