The Dark Thorn

Inspiration from A Crown of Sorcery and Steel, a text-based RPG

General info;
Name: Cory
Age: 25
Sex: male
Orientation: bisexual, homoromantic
Faction: Nidana's Army
Rank: right hand
Occupations: enforcer, warrior, executioner, guard

Height: ~6'5"
Body type: muscular, toned, lithe
Hair color: chestnut
Hair diameter: coarse
Hair type: straight
Hair length: neck length
Hair style: natural
Eye color: blue
Complexion: fair or lightly tanned
Scars/tattoos: multiple scars across his torso, a scar from his forehead to below his eye on the left side of his face, multiple runic symbols carved into his skin
Piercings: none

Casual: commoner clothing
Battle: black, spiked armor
Accessories: eye patch (left), blackened steel pendant

Personality: typically cold and harsh, though loyal to his allies, he warms up to those he trusts

Voice: thunderous, chilling, stern

Weapons/gear: jagged, blackened steel greatsword, wickedly curved dagger

Strengths: imposing might, unbending will, incredible speed and reflexes
Weaknesses: dull mind

Hopes for: Nidana's unending reign, glory through combat
Dreams of: insurmountable strength
Fears: being forgotten, failing Nidana, sacred magic

Other notes;
Cory is rarely sent to combat, given his importance to Nidana, however he is sent to deal with the most formidable foes himself
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