Inspiration from Balance of Superpower 2. For those interested, it is a text-based RPG by Hosted Games

General info;
Name: Thomas Sekewael
Nickname(s): Tom, Tommy
Age: 19
Moniker: Grayscale
Faction: Hero Program student (hero in training)
Sex: male
Orientation: bisexual, biromantic

Height: ~5'5"
Body type: lithe, slightly toned
Hair diameter: medium
Hair type: curly
Hair style: messy
Hair color: black
Eye color: hazel
Complexion: pale
Scars/tattoos: none
Piercings: none

Casual: gray jacket (left open), white shorts, tie-dye shirt, rainbow sneakers
Hero outfit (design): same as casual clothes with a gray surgical mask
Accessories: black gloves

Voice: gentle, quiet, almost a whisper

Personality: kind, warm, caring, introverted

Powers/power classification;
Mixed classification: multiple power types
Powers: color/property manipulation, control/generation of darkness, empathy
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