An old friend.

He looks for Venti all over Mondstadt, unsure where he might live. He is of course followed by his newly formed guild, Thoma included.
Eventually they are told where to find Venti and head to the cathedral. Zhongli thinks he is there for holy purposes for his worshippers of course.
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Blu «You only know what they might want to take from you or if he is being genuine towards you. I'm not so wise myself and I ended up being a fool plenty of times already.»
He scratches his head. «Is Ei still our friend? I don't remember anymore in which terms I am with her. Maybe I got too drunk the last time I saw her.»
He looks down. «They were here, but they seem to have moved. The boy with seal is still being under the care of the sisters of the cathedral, the Two seem to be connected to him in some way.»
MORAX "There is no more gnosis to worry about. I gave up on it, with my role as Archon...I am going to enjoy my Liyue from now on and I'll meet all my old friends.
Last time we met her..." He ponders, taking his chin. "It was when she presented us her girlfriend Miko. You got drunk and ruined the party, she hates you since then.
There is no time to waste, we should try figuring out what is their plan. Without our gnosis, they shouldn't figure out what we are easily."
Blu «It may not have been the best moment to deprive yourself of your gnosis…» He can't fully understand why he would willingly give it away.
«Ah. Great, better if I stay away from her. I don't want her to send her own version of La Signora to beat me up. Luckily they didn't hurt the poor Aether too much…»
He sighs. «Without our gnosis, we won't be match for them. They will take what they want and we'll only sound like fools if we tried to state who we really are to our people, like when I said it to the nuns at the cathedral. I can't even take my own lyre from there when I want to!»
MORAX "Why do you say that? I was waiting for the chance to test Liyue. They have what it takes to manage without me by now...they really did well, coming together. I was proud.
Better." He nods once, shutting his eyes. "Her own version of Signora...that would be Scaramouche?
Gnosis connected us to the Celestia, it is true, but are we to be understimated? We don't need to prove them anything, just ensure our nations' safety and well being."
Blu «Because these new gods might have been attracted by the fact I have been missing since forever and that you died. It's scary. I want my people to be free, not to have another god to steal Mondstadt…»
He blinks. «I am not updated about all the lackeys other archons have nowadays… I only remember Moon Carver, that hot horse with horns.»
He sighs. «I don't know, maybe because I'm the weakest of the Seven, I feel my people could be in danger and I would have no way to protect them…»