MHA Jenny Voorhees

Name: Jenny Voorhees.

Age: 25-ish

Height: 6’10” feet tall

Weight: 210 lbs

Body: Muscular with an hourglass figure

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Distinguishing Features: The multiple scars that adorn her body ranging in sizes and shapes.

Home: Crystal Lake, New York

Preferred Weapons: Hand-to-Hand Combat, her machete, and any blunt or sharp object near her.

Quirk name: Undead and Mist Walk

Powers: Undead is complicated to understand and utilize in a practical way, though for Jenny once she understood how her Quirk worked, it was game over for anyone that got in her way. The use of her Quirk was hard to understand and as she understands it, these are her current powers,

Super Strength- Currently she’s able to lift over 300 lbs.

Enhanced Speed- Currently her Max speed is well over 90 mph, though she’s never really tried to get away or get somewhere in haste.

Enhanced Durability- She’s had a four story building dropped on her and escaped with only a cut on her forehead.

Enhanced Endurance- One of her bloodiest fights lasted for a good two and half days before she was subdued.

Enhanced Healing- She’s able to heal minor wounds, such as cuts, bullet wounds, or broken bones, burns and even limbs that are lost will regenerate in time, that doesn’t mean she can’t be killed before she’s healed completely.

And finally Immortality- Don’t let it fool you, she can die, remember the name of the Quirk? Depending on how she’s killed she can be down from anywhere from a few minutes, to a few months, which also deages her a bit keeping her in the prime of her life, though make sure you die in that time before she arises once more because of the final part of her Quirk.

Blood Rage- Upon coming back from the dead depending on how she dies she’s sent into an unquenchable blood rage as her body and other abilities are enhanced from what they were, depending on the time she’s been dead for.

Mist Walk- Upon the activation of this Quirk the area around them for a few miles is covered in a thick mist, making it hard to see except for Jenny, using the mist to her advantage she can basically teleport anywhere she choses that the mist is touching, inside a building, in the air, two blocks away, or directly in front of the person that’s unfortunate enough to be in the mist with her.

Personality: Jenny usually keeps to herself, enjoying a mundane existence alongside her horrific criminal side. Outside of commiting crimes she’s quiet, always looking rather bored of everything, preferring to be in the gym to try and get stronger than what she is currently, going to the beach to swim or go for a run, in social situations she’s one to speak her mind and tell you if something is stupid or a bad idea, but will be the first to do said stupid or bad idea since she has nothing to fear really. Once her mask comes on though, along with her usual jacket, shirt, and jeans, all bets are off, Jenny’s personality is completely different being herself in the mask, she’ll happily torture, slaughter, and squeeze the life out of someone’s body by crushing their head between her hands, all the while laughing her ass off like she was told the funniest joke possible. Though if you impress her, or pique her interest she’ll calm down and actually fight that person seriously, though still going for the kill she’s more likely to fight them hand-to-hand rather than with her machete, which is a sign of respect for her.

Attire: Outside of her villain career, Jenny usually wears black boots that go up to her knees, usually she’s wearing black sweatpants with rips in the shin areas, and the knee since she’s kneed people that pissed her off, and lastly a graphic long-sleeved shirt of different things she actually enjoys, or just plain black long-sleeved shirts. Once she becomes The Immortal Killer- Jason, she wears a hockey mask with red triangles on the forehead, and cheeks, a blue sleeveless tube top with a long brown jacket, thighless blue jeans that has a sheath for her machete hanging from it, and lastly black gloves with a new grade Carbon Fiber to make sure she hits hards with steel-toe plated black boots that make sure people really feel her kicks.
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