Gotham's Knight: Batgirl

Backstory: Inspired by Batman, Barbara Gordon assumed the identity of Batgirl and fought crime with the rest of the Bat Family. She began a romantic relationship with D*ck Grayson. Though they dated for some time, Grayson broke it off for unknown reasons. They remained on good terms and were able to maintain both a friendship and professional relationship.

Following a confrontation with the Joker, Barbara was relegated to a wheelchair and took the identity of Oracle. Her skills as a hacker became an invaluable support resource of Bat Family. Making her base of operations in the Belfry, she had access to nearly the entire city's computer network.

Later, her father was ultimately killed in the line of duty. His death inspired Barbara to undergo a great deal of physical therapy and healing, which ultimately allowed her to resume the use of her legs and become Batgirl once again.

On the night of Batman's death, Batgirl was summoned to Wayne Manor following its explosion. There she helped to retrieve the dead body of Bruce Wayne. Batman had initiated Code Black; a protocol meant to maintain his mission and protect his identity should he ever die. Following this, she attended his funeral along with the other members of the Bat Family. That evening, Barbara was with Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood at Bruce Wayne's grave discussing Batman's Last Case File.

That same evening Barbara was present as The Bat Family went inside The Belfry for the first time. There, they began their investigation into Kirk Langstrom, as well as properly setting up The Belfry as their place of operations.

At some point, while on patrol, Barbara went to her father's memorial. There, she encountered Renee Montoya. They both reminisced over her father, with Renee noting how they had changed the statue, and it looked nothing like Jim. As Renee left, Barbara smiled and remarked how she found the statue to look just like how she remembered him.

During some of her downtime at the Belfry, she and Jason engaged in a dancing video game rematch, with Barbara teasing Jason about his previous loss. During the match, Jason still dealing with his grief from his trip the Lazarus Pit, suffered a panic attack. Barbara immediately offered comfort and support for Jason. Recognizing that he might not be ready to talk, she changed the subject and offered to get Jason some Big Belly burger. To which he accepted and was thankful for.

After this while resting at the Belfry in-between patrols, Barbara began to work on making a diorama of various cold cases that were related to her father's work. In this diorama she had made a small version of her father to be with the crime scene. This particular case appeared to have a Talon, an agent of, at the time of the murder, undiscovered Court of Owls be responsible for murder. Tim offered to help her with the work, but Barbara insisted on working alone. Tim walked off disappointed, going past Jason who had overheard the conversation between the two.

At another point, Barbara was with Richard and they approached Tim, as he appeared to be hiding something within the Belfry. Upon seeing it, they saw that Tim had snuck into the ruins of Wayne Manor and retrieved Bruce's old chess set. Tim suggested that the reason why he did so, was because so much of The Belfry was used by Batman, they had very few reminders of Bruce there. Feeling that his old Chess set would make a good addition for all of them. Both Barbara and D*ck agreed to this idea, thinking it was a good one.

Later, while working on the same diorama from before, Barbara's emotions took a toll on her. Reflecting on the fact that she couldn't recall what her father truly looked like, as well as her failing her photographic memory. Jason, seeing her struggle encouraged not to take out these emotions on herself, but rather every evil in the world.

After many nights on patrol, Barbara walking past Batman's memorial in the belfry and found herself inspired. Taking a moment to touch her now dead mentor's cape, she proceeds to upgrade her own cape. Giving her the ability to glide through Gotham's skies.
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