Rules and Guidelines

No. 1. No one-liners. It just isn't my cup of tea.

No. 2. No minors. I only roleplay with people who are 18+. See rule no. 3. as to why.

No. 3. I prefer in-depth-plots with NSFW content. This can mean graphic descriptions, adding triggering subjects, using strong- and/or crude language and other "adult" themes.

No. 4. Third-person, literate and detailed roleplay(er(s) are prefered.

No. 5. Correct spelling and grammer is requiered. Of course, mistakes can occur.

No. 6. Communication; be honest, respectful and don't leave me hanging.

No. 7. I expect all my roleplay partners to take initiative in the story we create. So, dicussion of idea's, plots and characters before starting a roleplay is a must.

Timeframe Replies:
We all have lives beyond this site and that's okay. I'll give you two weeks to a month to reply, after that I'll sent a friendly reminder. If there has been radio silence for more than three to six months, whilst I can see you've been online, you'll be removed. Exceptions can be made, if only you tell me beforehand.

Preferred Writing Style
I write descriptive, in third person and past sense. I write mostly multi-para and go often overboard on details. I take effort in each of my replies, so it might take some time for me to respond. That being said, you can hold my to my own rules, mentioned here above.

I usually create my character fitting to our story. They are often morally grey and have extensive backgrounds to go with our world building and/or plot. However, I have a few characters on hand that can be easily tweaked to fit whatever we're going for-- 'cause this isn't my first rodeo on this site. If you need a character/cheat sheet for my character to look back on, I'll happily profide one!

Of course, I'm happy to do small-talk and chat and get to know my roleplay partners a bit better. Don't ask for any personal information though, 'cause you will not get it. Oh, and no drama, please...

Still under construction...

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