Rules and Guidelines

No. 1. No one-liners. It just isn't my cup of tea.
No. 2. Third-person, literate and detailed roleplay(er(s) are prefered.
No. 3. Correct spelling and grammer is requiered. Of course, mistakes can occur.
No. 4. Communication; be honest, respectful and don't leave me hanging.
No. 5. I expect all my roleplay partners to take initiative in the story we create. So, dicussion of idea's, plots and characters before starting a roleplay is a must.

While exchanging and/or discussing ideas, plots or characters, I give you 7 days to reply. If you don't respond within this time frame, but you've been online, you'll be unfriended.

When we've an ongoing roleplay already, I'll give you two weeks to a month to reply, before sending a friendly reminder. If I haven't heard from you within three months, you'll be removed.

Still under construction...

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