~Basic Information~
Full name: su-bin Jin
Nickname: the priest
Age: 19-25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: leader
Affiliation: Jopok (Korean mafia)
Marital status: Never married

~Physical description~
Height: 6’4
Weight: 185
Hair type: straight ear length
Hair color: black
Eye color: scarlet red
Body type: Lean and muscular
Usual clothing: pictured below

Positive personality traits: He’s very driven towards his goals. He’s loyal to his men and loved ones willing to give his own life for theirs. He’s loving and caring despite the front he puts on for business.
Negative personality traits: He very quick to anger. He’s willing to go to extreme lengths for the sake of getting his way. He’s young and still a bit immature so he tends to be controlled by his emotions.
Likes: Sweets, rain, drinking, and his friends.
Dislikes: Dirt, being insulted, or tricked into doing things.

~Small biography~
Jin was born into his family’s mafia business, and he was destined to take over. From a young age he was taught loyalty and family comes before anything. Those teachings carried on with him into adulthood. His mother and father passed away when he was still young leaving him alone and in the gangs care. He saw them as family as they always took care of him and kept him out of trouble. Now the only life he knows is what he’s seen since he was kid.
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