❤️ in all of heaven there always a bit of hell❤️

☆ I’m a Rebel. Yes. But these rules shouldn’t be broken. Please respect them.

☆ We all have lives outside of roleplay. I am from the Uk so timing will be fully. Do not spam me for a reply. I will get to them as soon as I have the chance. Be Patient

☆ Under NO circumstances at f***ing all will I roleplay rape or any form of abuse. It’s so wrong and f***ed up

☆ Please be literate, or semi-literate at least. I don’t mind how much. Just don’t keep doing one liners. They actually make me crazy.

☆ Do not attempt to control my character. I wouldn't try to control yours, I expect the same respect. If I say no. No it’s simple

☆ As far as relationships go, no instant love.(unless the admin and myself have agreed because our characters fit) There also must be chemistry between them in order for it to work and be enjoyable.

☆ Don’t be rude. It’s simple. I hate rude people. There’s being in character and being out of it. Don’t cross them over

☆ If anyone doesn’t like what we are writing. I get it. I do. Just message me and we can talk it though!
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0 | Nov 24th 2022 15:32