❛ is beyond me… ❜

        ► absolutely, under no circumstance, no minors under the age of 17! as i am 18, it would be pretty weird.
        ► homophobia, racism, transphobia, etc. will NOT be tolerated.
        ► i’m not changing my character for nobody without a fair fight. if it’s a good story, i can see it happening.
        ► no super bratty submissives, or submissives that bring nothing to the table. that sh*t’s boring.
        ► if you do not respond in two weeks, i will unadd unless prior notice.
        ► no gary stus / mary sues please, even my character has weaknesses.
        ► if dark themes trigger you, i suggest not adding me.
        ► you add, you talk. vice versa.
        ► what happens in character, stays in character, and vice versa!
        ► do not control my characterrrrr. it will not workkkkk. ffs.
        ► plotting is 50/50 if either of us cannot figure out what we wanna do firsthand!
        ► [n]sfw is fine, but nothing too taboo or weird, ‘kay?
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4 | Nov 24th 2022 13:20