Twin eels? [Any ship au]

If anyone is down to roleplay this with my then hit me up! Just tell me which characters you want to roleplay with!
Please write more than 2 sentences
Be either semi-literate or literate
Am down to do fluff, smut, or a mix of both!
Also sorry, till not taking oc x canon ships anymore sorry again ^^'

Scenario 1: [Your character] is a fisherman that manage to come across a pair of eels (could be by accident or on purpose).
You can choose to capture them to farm them for their eggs, eat them, spare them, etc!

Scenario 2: [Your character] is a mer-creature than swam too far away from home. Thankfully some nice friendly twin eels come to help you out! Or will they..?
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0 | Nov 24th 2022 02:01