Asami Tachibana

Name: Asami Tachibana
Age: 16-19 (Based on RP)
Species: Human
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110 lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual
S/D: Submissive
Hair color and style: Black, Long, Straight
Eye color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Character’s body build: Petite
Occupation: Student/Bakery Worker
Identifying marks:N/A
Facial features: Picture
Scent: Sweet
Mannerisms or gestures: Polite, and well mannered.

Physical Health: 7/10
Mental Health: 8/10
Addictions: Sweets

Positive Traits: Kind, dependable, Observant, Intelligent, Has a good sense of humor, A goofball, likes to make people laugh, a romantic.
Negative Traits: Shy, insecure at times, Overthinks, Can be a little hot tempered when pushed.
Likes: Sweets, Boba Tea, Spicy Food, Cute Animals, Making her friends laugh, boys, girls.
Dislikes: Insects of any kind, Snakes, Bullies, Sour Tastes, When someone is upset, it makes her panic, Her father, being alone, and the dark.

Backstory: Asami was born into a pretty normal traditional home. She was about nine when her dad picked his secretary at work over her and her mother. Overnight, Asami and her mother went from living in a two story home in the nicer part of town, to an apartment in the heart of the city. Asami's mother worked two jobs to get them into a decent enough house, a couple of years later, and continued to work to support them. Asami picked up a part time job when she was old enough to take some of the pressure off of her mother. Asami resents her father for making their life difficult and insists that her father died instead of informing anyone of his betrayal. Asami is a loyal friend, the funny one in the group and really likes making her friends laugh.
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