Oc #1 : Elizabeth Bonneville

[Basic Information]

Name : Elizabeth Bonneville
Nickname(s) : Eliza or Eli
Age : 593 Years Old (Vampire Age) - 25 Years Old (Human Age)
Birthdate : February 29
Gender : Female
Species : Vampire
Sexuality : Bisexual
Occupation : Queen (Medieval) - Company CEO (Modern)
Status : Single

[Physical Appearance]

Height : 170 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Hair Color : Red
Eye Color : Silver
Tattoo(s) : None
Scar(s) : None


Elizabeth appears as a sarcastic and apathetic girl, not one to put any emotion to her words. She loves to tease the people around her for the heck of it and having the enjoyment of seeing the person she teases becomes uncomfortable in the place she puts them in but the moment she starts to have her 'fun', things becomes too carried away as her way of having 'fun' is not something that is shared by others, unless trampling over the weak and seeing them suffer, regardless they are human or vampire, is fun, which she does.

But despite her nature, Elizabeth is very intelligent and greedy at heart, showing a active and very diplomatic side, having built businesses and wealth throughout the course of her long life but sadly, despite the amount she has accumulated, it wasn't enough for her and only made her to desire more, no one knows when she'll be satisfied but all know that so long as there is something she wants, she'll have it, either by diplomacy or violence.



[Other Information]

Likes : Hugs, Stuff Bears, Cute Clothes, Orchestral Music, Money, Shopping
Dislikes : Disobedience, Annoying People, Being Touched Without Permission, Her Privacy Being Invaded
Favorite Food(s) : Cake, Strawberry,
Favorite Drink(s) : Blood, Coffee, Tea, Wine
Favorite Color : Red
Favorite Animal(s) : Cats
Hobbies : Reading, Painting, Collecting Antiques, Teasing
Habit(s) : Tends to smirk when teasing people
Fear(s) : None
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