☆ Christopher ~ HAVE YOU SEEN ME?


❏ Alberto Dill Wellbirch, may respond to Al and or Albert
❏ White, Male, 24 years of age, looks to be in his 20's
❏ White, Stands at 6'0, weighs 187 pounds, blue gray colored eyes, brown fairly long hair
❏ Was last seen at motel "Leap Frog" at 9:24 pm, left at 3:36 am
❏ Was last seen wearing a plain orange hawaiian tee-shirt, gray cargo shorts, and knock off brand red converses


- ̗̀ ᖭི༏ᖫྀ ˎˊ- ꉂ ❝ three years later ❞

○ ⌒ ꒰ఎ BASICS ⸾
♡⌇Originally named Alberto Dill Wellbirch, nicknamed Allen and Al by his old friends
☆⌇Alias is Christopher Parker Coleman, nicknamed Chris by his coworkers and the small handful of friends he has now, also nicknamed Christie by just one of his friends
♡⌇Born May 14th on 1995, 27-years-old
☆⌇Cisgender male, he/him, closted and denying being bisexual and biromantic, monogamous, single

♡⌇Caucasian, fluent in english, knows a small amount of german words
☆⌇Works at a sleazy diner as a cook, gets paid $9.52 an hour
♡⌇Human, thankfully hasn't had any encounters with any other type of species that he considers "extraterrestrial" or "something out of one of those horror novels"

♡⌇ His skin can be described as being faded peach colored or a warm beige, with sand colored freckles that look like they were barely sprinkled on the bridge of his nose, a few stray freckles extending to his eyes while going downwards.

His undereyes are a dark maroon red, many think it's just a part of his pigmentation when in actuality he puts makeup under his eyes everyday, even when he isn't heading out

☆⌇Having a sharp diamond shaped face with high, prominent cheekbones, he sports almond shaped eyes that have a olive color to them, as he wears colored contact lenses

Unlike his purposely changes in appearance, his nose is cracked, making it look crooked, tilting to the right side. It sticks out like a sore thumb, which many of his friends and coworkers agree, doesn't fit his grecian shaped nose whatsoever

Something he didn't try and change about his personality was his downturned lips, still holding that soft faded sand color, similar to the color of his freckles!

♡⌇Still standing at 6'0 or 182 cm, he did force himself to starve and exercise more while in the whole process of "vanishing into thin air", as he started the search for his new life as well as starting it, and while he was underweight due to that, he has been slowly increasing his weight as he now weighs 145 lbs

His body shape can be described as being rectangular shaped with a slight inverted triangle which explains his broad shoulders, which makes sense for someone his height and weight

☆⌇With dirty blonde hair that is honestly not done very well, his original hair color, brown chestnut, show through the roots of his scalp
Plus, his true hair color is easily given away by his chestnut colored eyebrows that are sharp and lean

He keeps his hair mid length, making no effort to hide how it remains tangled as it is "uneasy to tame", keeping it in a messy, parted style. As for his chin hair, he's growing a slight stubble, which isn't much but still noticeable

♡⌇Most of Chris's friends describe him as being relaxed almost always, quiet, not talking much, but when he does, he's always blunt and direct. He's an nice guy, just doesn't speak much and tries not to draw any sort of attention to himself, which may make people think he's cruel or an outcast, when in actuality, he is slightly an outcast, but not cruel

☆⌇While Christopher describes himself as only liking a select few people due to having trust issues, rarely talking unless he it is completely necessary or he is being talked too, even then, he likes to keep it short, because as he says "I don't need to hold them up any longer than I'm able too"

On rare occasions, he attempts conversations with people he finds interesting while still being direct, he mainly asks them questions although

He's also quick to admit that while he does lack empathy for those he isn't close too, he still does his best to be caring and what he considers a "good" person

♡⌇After years of being gone from his old life, he still finds it hard to unlearn some of the traits he learned, like being stingy with his money, doubting that anyone actually cares about him so he bottles what he feels, occasionally refusing to let others borrow his things, as well as distancing himself from others

He's trying to get better but he still holds his guards up high, not wanting to have his fresh start play out like his old one

☆⌇Having a soft spot and love of cats, he feeds and gives water for to all of the stray and tamed cats he befriends outside, due to his apartment not allowing any cats.
He names each of the stray cats their very own name and when he confuses another stray for a different one, he apologizes to the cat with such sincerity in his voice, also apologizing to the cat he confused the other to be if they're around

Christopher loves the cats so much that he even has a four small pocket sized journals, all of them containing full information about each cat, the first two being for identity and such, the other two for keeping track of their health

On rare occasions, he even reads his own writing to the cats, pretending he has an audience that is mesmerized by his wonderful storytelling

While he has a major fear of dogs and dislike for them, he still shoos them away or even drawing the attention to him so it'll leave his feline friends alone

♡⌇Besides caring for strays and wandering tamed outside cats, Christ enjoys writing and reading, especially fantasy books, which is where he gets his main inspiration for the series he is writing
Despite enjoying writing and working on his series, he isn't very open about it, due to being embarrassed by his love for all things fantasy, feeling like it's childish, he doesn't anyone really

Another one of his true favorite hobbies is cooking, he always loved to cook, especially season! When he was young, he would help his older sister cook in the kitchen, where he found a love for it, and once he was old enough to work, he bought around.. three or four different spices besides salt and pepper with his tenth paycheck, which is where he found out that he was missing out on something more, and it was a variety of different spices

Now because for most of his life, he mainly ate salt and pepper seasoned food, he detests using salt and pepper together, scared that his ability to season will wither away and he'll be stuck just using salt and pepper for the rest of his life

☆⌇Taking up a liking for bowling, Chris is starting to understand why his mom and dad went to a bowling alley every date and took them to it for every family outing they had. It still makes him uneasy when someone barely hits any pins down although

● ⌒ ꒰ఎ RELATIONS + BIO ⸾
♡⌇Chris only has three people he considers friends, the first being John Florence McGlaw (whose his friendship with is extremely rocky), Teresa Martha Hope Quillington that is not only a friend of his, but a coworker as well, and John Heathers

John Florence was the one to nickname him Christie, which, fun fact, he started to use a way of taunting him

While Christopher does feed the strays, he doesn't consider any of them his pets, he does however, consider them to be his friends!

☆⌇Alberto grew up in a small and poor family, consisting of his older sister, himself, his father, and his mother.
His father often took the family on outings, which mainly was parks, until one day after work, he took everyone to a bowling alley

Growing up, Al was an extroverted, easy going, funny, and overall a nice kid, which made up for his lack of empathy

One day, a bowling competition was announced, being only two weeks away, his father dragged Alberto along with him on trips that were just him and Albert, planning on making him his teammate and watch ad he got better at bowling

Unfortunately Alberto didn't get any better at bowling no matter what, which upset Alberto's father drastically that while driving home, he left him at a park, making him walk home

Arriving home late at midnight, he found his mother waiting for him, accusing him of running off and leaving his father, all because he didn't want to learn how to bowl. He did tried to defend and correct his mother by telling her what actually happened, but she ignored him

After that, he distanced himself away from his family and friends, his bright fun personality being lost as he aged

As he got older, he decided to move in with his two friends that were unknown to him, where just using him to do drugs and get them too. Once he found out, that was really the breaking point for him, as he packed up and drove away, stopping only once at a sleazy hotel to sleep

After his car finally died, he ditched it on the side of the road and started his process of hitch-hiking, which was almost always unsuccessfully expect for the few drivers that were kind enough to let him in

But after almost being sexually assaulted, he decided to stop hitch-hiking and just walk, which burned a lot of weight for him.
Arriving at a town finally, he fell asleep in an alleyway, awakening to find himself in some old man's sheds, who would soon walk in, force him up, tell Alberto something that still haunts him, force him to shower so he could find himself a job, and take him to a small dinner where he got the job as a cook

After a couple of weeks living with the old man aka John Florence, Christopher finally had a place of his own, an apartment, where he found that the alleyway's apartment not only was where he slept first arrived here, but was also swarmed with strays and tamed cats, where now feeds the majority of homeless kitties

Soon enough, Christopher made a new friend, a waiter named Tersa, who had several rumors about her, yet he didn't believe any, which Tersa took a liking for
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