ꉂ01 : about me and writer preferences

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⠀/꒰ ྀི ◞ ˕ ◟ ꒱っ \⠀﹫diezeige .ᐟ
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- ̗̀໒ ★ ⋮ INTR0 ␥
hii! i'm zeige, but i think you already knew that? i made this section in case you wanted to get to know me more rather than just my basic roleplay info that's in my bio

to start off, why don't i tell you about my identity (am i doing this right??). i'm a trans boy thing and i use it/he pronouns

i like people, animals, writing, anything horror, reading, action, sandbox, and adventure games, a vast amount of music, jesters, clowns, as well as type of funny people, cartoons, apples, natures, learning different languages, and more!

i absolutely love telling others what and who they remind me of, describing them, and such! plus, sometimes i drop by my friends messages to show them something that reminds me of them

if you ever want to hear me spew whatever information, advice, or words i have to offer, please don't hesitate to ask! i love doing that, but i must warn you, it may make no sense due to it seemingly have no context and or just be strange

oh and a fun fact about my username, it translates to "the goat" in german! i know a small bit of a german, so while i can sort of carry a short conversation, i can't work with a long one unfortunately, but i'm still learning more and more!

001》para (+) multipara writer
002》enjoys horror
003》willing to give me book recommendations and also receive book recommendations
004》self proclaimed weirdos and freaks, mwah
005》will slide in their own "teehee" moments as well during the roleplay (like someone trying to see high and mighty, as they talk down to someone or a group of people while walking down the stairs, missing a step, they tumble down eating ass on the way down)
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